The weather was kind to us on the day Sandy came to photograph Archie. She arrived with camera in hand but before she started photographing she played ball games with him and it was at this time I realised just how wonderful she is with animals. Archie can sometimes be a little nervous around people but he immediately responded to her warmth and gentleness. Within minutes she had completely gained his trust and confidence.


When Sandy started taking photos she was intent on capturing his personality so took many shots as we continued to play. Once she was satisfied that she had some good material, she asked for one word that best described Archie's personality. Despite the fact that Archie can sometimes be a little nervous, the word that best describes his personality to me is "arrogant". She wanted to capture this in her painting. 


We viewed the photos and chose the best one for her to use. At this point I had not seen any of Sandy's material so had no idea of her hidden talent. When she showed me the work in progress I was absolutely blown away. The painting was amazing - it was Archie. The detail she captured made the painting so lifelike. She even showed my reflection in his eyes. 


To say I am thrilled with the end result is an understatement. I now have a beautiful image of my boy that is proudly displayed in our lounge room. 


I can honestly say that, should you choose Sandy to produce an artwork for you, you will not be disappointed. She has a true love and understanding of animals and has the ability to capture their personality on canvas. 


Many thanks Sandy.



from JENNY

Archie - oil on linen

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