how to commission a portrait


Get in touch using the contact from, and we will get back to you to discuss what you have in mind. 


You may have photos that show great detail , or a favourite pose, or just show off a certain characteristic. In addition, we  may need extra high resolution


reference photos, as  It is really important to capture as much detail of your special subject as possible.  








pricing guide


the following is an average guide  -  the cost of each individual portrait  is determined by size required , preferred medium, location   

the cost of your commission will be confirmed before the commission is accepted by either party.  



average adult/child, close to life size portrait  $1,500

average canine portrait - actual image ( i.e.head size) size  20 x 22 cm  $600

average cat portrait - actual image size ( i.e.head size)   15 x 15 cm  $400

average horse portrait without bridlery - actual image size  30 x 20 cm  $750

average horse portrait with bridlery an extra $200








A high res. photo/scan will be emailed  to you on completion of the artwork for your approval.  


On receipt of payment (plus freight if applicable) your artwork will be dispatched.